Auto Insurance

Saskatchewan requires proper insurance for your motor vehicle to be on our roads. Whether you choose to have more than just your plate insurance or package policies on your vehicle we can help you with your insurance premiums by providing you options.

If you want to save money on car insurance, there are several ways to do it!

Increase your deductibles to reduce your rates. The higher your deductible, the less your insurance costs. You can go from as low as $50 up to $700.

Maintain a safe driving record. A safer driving record can decrease the rates on your plates, by up to 25%! Each year for the first 10 years of a safe driving record saves you 2%.

Glass coverage can be included in your package policy, but just be aware it can be an expensive coverage – especially if you claim on that coverage once or twice a year!

Try to keep valuables hidden so thieves aren’t tempted to break in to your vehicle, thus causing you fewer claims.

Lower priced vehicles aren’t necessarily cheaper to insure – be sure to have systems in place for anti-theft deterrents.

Valuable information about car insurance

Your license plates give you ‘Actual Cash Value’ with a $700 deductible, and only $200,000 liability. Even if your car isn’t worth much, you may want to change some of these numbers.

A package policy is generally about $200-$350/year, depending on the coverages you choose.

You can buy replacement cost on new or even gently used vehicles! This can be available for up to 5 years with SGI.

Family Security is added on to package policies automatically. This protects you and your family from uninsured and underinsured drivers.

Liability is the most important coverage! You can buy up to $5 Million. Claims go into the millions far easier than most people think – all it takes is one accident.