Condo & Tenant Insurance

To reduce your premiums, increase your deductible

Condo owners - do you know what a deductible buy-down or assessment is? There is usually insurance included for this, but we need to check if you have enough.

We always recommend higher liability in condos and apartment buildings. If you start a fire with a coffee pot, it damages so many peoples’ homes very quickly.

Most rates are based off of your contents. We need to accurately know how much it would cost you to REPLACE your contents with brand new items.

Condo owners: if you rent out your condo, you still have to insure the location.

But always require tenants to have insurance as well! A grease fire can do a lot of damage very quickly.

Always require proof of insurance from your tenants. This can be as simple as a copy of the policy.

Did you know: if you serve on the condo board, you may need Directors & Officers’ liability?