Health & Travel Insurance

At Bora Insurance, we understand that your most important personal asset is you. That is why we provide you with insurance options for taking care of your health and travel insurance needs. These protect you in the event you are hurt while at home or while traveling (even within Canada). If you want dental coverage for your teens, or coverage for massages, for ambulance rides, or even just for peace of mind, talk to us today.

To Reduce Your Premium

Convert your work Health Plan when you need to.  However, if you feel you’re in good health, it may be worth it to apply for a personal plan while you still hold your conversion plan, as the personal rates could be better.

Increase the deductible on your plan to reduce your premium.

An Annual Travel Insurance Plan can be less expensive than multiple single trips.

If you are a smoker, your rates will be higher for a Personal Health Insurance Plan. If you quit smoking, your rates could go down.

Fun Facts

If you have a health insurance plan through work, when you retire or leave your current employer, you can transition it into a personal conversion plan without medical underwriting. This could be the difference between you qualifying for health coverage or NOT, if you have any serious health issues.

If you own a business and have 3 or more staff that work at least 21 hours a week, you qualify to set up your own Group Health Plan.

Some Travel Insurance plans ONLY cover your emergency health care if you get COVID while on vacation. Other plans will cover your emergency health care AND trip interruption, or cancellation. Make sure you know your coverages.

You need Travel Insurance even if you are traveling INSIDE of Canada. Your provincial health care will not cover all medical expenses if you are out of province.

Some Group Health Plans include Travel Insurance as well.

You can buy Travel Insurance on a per trip or a per year basis.

We offer health insurance for visitors to Canada while they’re staying in Canada!

Remember - dangerous activities may not be covered while travelling.  So be aware when you go deep sea diving or parasailing.