Life & Health Insurance

Life & Health Insurance

Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance & Benefits

Your biggest asset isn’t your home, or your car. It is your life, your health and your ability to earn an income.

Bora Insurance Brokers now offers a full line of Life & Health Products. Everyone has specific needs, and a different budget. Our advisors find what fits for you. So your future, and your family are prepared for what lies ahead.

The Perks of Getting Life & Health Insurance with Bora Insurance

We make it easy to make your life easier with these exclusive perks for YOU - our clients.

Buy Anytime

We work when you don’t. Set up a time with our Life and Health Specialist that works with your busy schedule.

Custom Plans

No two humans are the same. A specific coverage plan is made for YOU, based on your needs and budget.

Pay for Peace of Mind

Know you have a back up plan to backup YOUR plan. Know your family, mortgage, and legacy have something to fall back on.

Why do you need Life Insurance?

Life is an epic adventure, and life insurance is your trusty sidekick! Here are a few reasons why having life insurance can make your journey even more amazing.

Financial Superpower: Life insurance swoops in like a caped crusader to protect your loved ones financially when you're not around.
Debt Buster: Don't leave your debts as a legacy. Life insurance can be the hero that pays off those lingering bills.
Education Defender: Ensure your kids' dreams don't face kryptonite! Life insurance can fund their education.
Mortgage Guardian: Keep your castle safe. Life insurance helps your family keep the home they love.
Legacy Builder: Leave a legacy that shines bright! Use life insurance to support your favourite causes or leave a memorable gift.
Peace of Mind Guru: Life insurance brings tranquility, knowing your family's future is secure.

So, think of life insurance as your secret weapon for a worry-free and spectacular life journey!

Life Insurance in Saskatchewan - What coverage do you need?

It’s our job to help you find what you need. Explore the common coverages by clicking the options below:

The time is NOW. Why you shouldn’t wait to get Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

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Disability Insurance Regina

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