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The world keeps progressing to a non face to face, technology driven world. We are here for that part of it, but we want you to know the REAL PEOPLE that run this ship. From our small town Saskatchewan branches, to our remote city specialists, we are here for you with over 50 years of combined insurance experience.

Rest easy knowing we are here! Real people that you can trust.
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Sarah Edwards
President, Owner - CPIB
Saskatoon, SK

Sarah grew up as a farm girl just outside of Nokomis, SK and blossomed into a city woman attending University in both Saskatoon and Regina. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance in 2006, then worked for SGI for a few years, before setting off to see the world and doing what she loves most, travelling. Upon her return, she purchased Aberdeen Agencies in Aberdeen in 2012, and Brightwater Insurance in Hanley in 2015. These are the two locations now known as Bora Insurance. Insurance runs in the family, as Sarah’s mother also owned brokerages for over 20 years.

“Bora” came back with Sarah from her trip to Africa, in Swahili, it means “BEST”. We always do our best for our clients, and aim to educate so that everyone can make their best decision to meet their needs.

When Sarah is not busy being a female entrepreneur and furthering her education, she is running, travelling, reading, meeting new people and spending time with her friends and family.


Tamara Connell
Life Insurance Specialist, Director of Partnerships & General Insurance Broker
Regina, SK & Area

Sarah’s sister and partner in crime. Tamara recently returned to Saskatchewan in 2020 after a half decade in Alberta, and joined Sarah in her ventures at Bora Insurance.

In 2009 Tamara graduated from Western Academy Broadcasting college and went on to be a radio host for 5 radio stations across Saskatchewan. Then switching things up, Tamara ended up working in the Construction Rental Equipment industry for 10 years. Her construction and business development experience pairs very well with the insurance industry, and has been a true asset.

Tamara is a photographer, who enjoys living the simple life on her acreage with her husband, two sons and dogs. The proud keeper of 43 house plants and growing the collection...daily.



Vanda Wutzke
Insurance Broker - CAIB

A true Aberdeen girl, Vanda moved to Aberdeen when she was just 10 years old, and has been here ever since. Vanda has been involved with pretty much every volunteer organization in Aberdeen and embodies true community spirit.

She became an Insurance Broker in 2000, and has been with us since the beginning of Bora Insurance.

When she isn’t busy being the office yoda of insurance, she is spending time with her grandkids and family or volunteering in clubs such as the Saskatoon Gun Club.


Jordan Morlock
Insurance Broker - CAIB

Jordan has been a proud Aberdeen resident since 2019, and has been with Bora Insurance Brokers since 2021. Jordan, her husband Ryan and their two ADORABLE children are busy with their collection of dogs and a lovely acreage just outside of town.

Jordan can often be seen enjoying the great outdoors, going for walks on her lunch break, while reading at the same time.

A true multi-tasker, and an amazing asset to our Aberdeen team.



Landon Armstrong
Insurance Broker - CAIB

Born and raised in Hanley, Landon has spent the vast majority of his life being a hometown man. He spent 10 years in the financial sector before joining the insurance industry in 2010, he loves small town life, helping others, and is therefore perfectly suited to be your BEST insurance broker.

When he isn’t busy helping his fellow brokers who constantly take advantage of his wealth of knowledge, or serving his loyal and amazing clients, or dodging our constant advances to put him on social media, he is spending time with his handsome husky Bronco.


Gillian Laye
Insurance Broker

The newest member to the Bora Insurance family as of 2022. Gillian is new to Bora, but has been a proud member of the community for a few years now. She loves all animals, but most notably horses, and her tribe of trusty cats.

She reigns from the mountains, but is now happy to call the flatlands home.

Each of our brokers adds an important piece to our puzzle.
We work together as a team to be the Bora Best!


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