Farm Insurance

In our area, we have become highly knowledgeable about farm insurance products. We know about different machinery coverages, small tools and equipment, to bin and quonset insurance.  As well as covering the farm itself, we offer a variety of options to insure your crops and cattle

We have covered dairy farms, grain farms, chicken farms etc.

To Reduce Your Premium

You can earn a claims free discount if you haven’t had a claim in 3 years, which can generally be 15%.

If you increase your deductible from $500 to $1000, it generally saves you about 15%.

Loyalty discounts can occur when you’ve been with the same insurance company for a number of years.

If you install a mainline backwater valve, that can save you money on your sewer backup premium.

Newer and more premium shingles can get you a discount because of their ability to better withstand hail storms and wind storms.

Newer homes may be eligible for a discount due to upgraded building codes that are better for insurance claims.

If you have a monitored security system, this can reduce your rates by about 5%. Just get us the certificate and we add the discount.

Fun Facts

Some companies automatically include some coverage for fire fighting fees. But it’s good to know how much yours covers these fees can get quite large if you’re held responsible for a fire!

Extremely dry and windy conditions make conditions so easy for fires to spread.
When these conditions exist, try to avoid starting any fires.

You can get loss of use on your machinery – meaning if you have an insured claim, you can rent a new piece of equipment while you’re waiting for yours to get fixed, or to replace it.

There are blanket coverages available for equipment, tools, livestock, and grain & fertilizers. These can actually be quite cost effective, and save you money as opposed to insuring these amounts separately.

If you’ve incorporated your farm, your broker needs to know that – both you and your corporation need to be properly insured.