Life Insurance

To Reduce Your Premium

Ditch insurance from banks, lenders, credit card companies and other financial institutions. Replace these products with traditional Life Insurance. This is the #1 way to save yourself large amounts of money for Life Insurance!

You can have more than one policy type, or bundle with your spouse to underwrite more than one policy type at the same time to save on policy fees.

Life Insurance is more expensive for smokers. If you quit smoking and all nicotine products for at least 12 consecutive months, most insurers will remove your smoking status from your policy, and reduce your premiums.

Before you renew or convert your policy, always quote a new one first, to make sure there isn’t a more cost effective option for which you could qualify.

The younger you are when you buy Life Insurance, the less expensive it will be!

If you lose weight healthily, or your health history is consistently better than it was for a long period of time, you could qualify for lower premiums.

Fun Facts

If you purchased life insurance from your bank or lender on your mortgage, these policies often cost 2 to 3 times more than a traditional life insurance policy from an insurance broker, and are a lower quality product.

Life Insurance isn't just for personal protection. You can protect your incorporated farm or business’s future with a buy/sell agreement, in which you purchase a life insurance policy on the life of your business partner (and they do the same for you), then at passing, the business can keep running.

1 in 3 Canadians will become disabled and unable to work for more than 90 days before they reach 65. Disability Insurance is designed to pay you a monthly income to help cover your bills if this happens to you. Disability Insurance is NOT just for employees, it is also for the self employed, and often insurers will base the amount you could collect on your gross income.

Your Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Critical Illness should be reviewed yearly with your Insurance Advisor, to make sure all of your needs are met and as a refresher of your coverages.

You can buy Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance for your kids! Not only is it for financial protection in the worst case scenarios, it can also be used as a savings plan for their future, or guarantee their insurability in the future.

Life Insurance is not just for insuring debts. Some of the things your advisor will also talk to you about and take into consideration when coming up with a plan for you also include: how much your spouse would need to survive comfortably without your income, how much your children would need to survive comfortably without your income, cost of childcare if the loss was of a primary care provider, the amount of tax you would owe on your pension, investments and capital gains upon your passing, leaving a legacy for your family or children, and any charitable donation you may wish to leave behind.

Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance can be set up so that you can get money back if you never have a claim!