Hail Insurance

Hail Insurance

As a farmer, you know you can’t control the weather, but you can use Hail Insurance as a risk management plan to help you deal with it.

Bora Insurance Brokers knows farmers! Our Brokers live in rural communities, and work to insure farms and acreages of all types, shapes and sizes. This gives us the advantage to be able to help YOU with your specific Hail Insurance needs.

The Perks of Getting Ag Insurance with Bora Insurance

We make your life easier with these exclusive perks for YOU - our clients.

Set Up in Advance

Get your Hail Insurance early! Set it up BEFORE the hail comes, and BEFORE your area sells out of coverage.

Custom Plans

No two farms are the same. Get the right coverages, deductible and policies for your operation.

Pay for Peace of Mind

Know you have a back up plan to backup YOUR crops. Know the assets you have worked so hard to get in the ground are protected. You can pay for this coverage on your credit card, to get your credit card points!

Why do you need Hail Insurance?

What’s in a name? In the case of Hail Insurance, it is as straightforward as it sounds. Protect your crops, at every stage of growth, from the wrath of mother nature and her catastrophic hail storms. If you see hail clouds, it may be too late. Coverage goes into affect the day AFTER you purchase Hail Insurance.

Hail Insurance in Saskatchewan - What deductible suits your needs?

It’s our job to help you find what you need.
Explore the common deductibles by clicking the options below:

Benefits of using a Broker for your Hail Insurance needs


Why you shouldn’t wait to get Hail Insurance

Get extra help from Western Crop Risk Advisors

Western Crop Risk Advisors

A policy add on available to Bora Insurance Brokers clients:

Western Crop Risk Advisors is a company that offers Professional Crop Hail Insurance services. They are a liaison between the farmer and the hail insurance adjuster and act on behalf of the farmer to get them the best rates for their claim. They know the industry, and know how to negotiate to make sure the best case scenario for the farmer in the event of the claim. The service provides peace of mind, and can make the claim experience hands off, so you can keep on with your daily operations. With the values of crops high, every % you can get back counts and can make a large difference.


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