Saskatchewan Insurance Broker : Becoming Part of the Bora Insurance Family

Being a Bora Broker

What is it like to work as a Saskatchewan insurance broker with Bora Insurance Brokers? Bora Insurance Brokers is a small business located in a small town in Saskatchewan. It is a woman-owned organization that places great importance on providing exceptional service. We find great satisfaction in our work, as we help to insure our people and communities during their times of need. Our goal is to treat our customers and our team like family, and we genuinely care about their well-being.


Our organization has a thriving culture that values innovation, personal growth, flexibility and work life balance. We strive to be a haven where insurance professionals aspire to work. Our commitment to education and personal development is unwavering. We offer numerous opportunities for our team to learn and grow, from workshops led by industry experts to in-house training sessions designed to foster unparalleled expertise.


We use technology to stay at the forefront of the insurance industry, and we continuously embrace the latest tech solutions to ensure our team has the tools they need to excel and innovate.


Our approach to work is refreshingly flexible, as we recognize that our team members have unique rhythms in their lives. We prioritize our team's well-being alongside our mutual success, whether that means working from home or adjusting work hours to fit life's ever-changing puzzle. When we hire insurance brokers in Saskatchewan, we make sure the candidate is a great fit for our culture and genuinely cares about our customers.


At Bora Insurance Brokers, we're not just a team, but a family that celebrates every milestone, nurtures ambitions, and supports each other's journey towards becoming the best version of ourselves. As a part of our community, every day is an adventure filled with learning, growth, and endless possibilities.

Saskatchewan Insurance Broker